8/1/02 1:02 PM Arizona
I Slashed any previous project I was working on and started over (again). Go to these forums to chill with me and my UT homies! Weapons of Destruction

4/21/02 12:37 AM Pacific
Now THIS is news. I'm updating my site. Not with much, only to tell all you bastards (I mean that in a good way) that ALL of my comics are cancelled since I'm not funny. I'm still working on the katana. Its done except for code and animations. I'm also making a Minigun Minirocket Launcher. Primary fires mini rockets like a minigun. Secondary charges up, then shoots up to 100 in a generally forward direction. That's my update. Yippee. I know nobody will read this. If someone does, please e-mail me to tell me. I will celebrate by Putting your name in big letters, right here: NICK HUSHER!!! <--Won the contest on May 4, 2002

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